Friday, 4 December 2009


Last year my Granny gave me an unfinished quilt that she's been working on for about 20 years, with the intention of me finishing it off. I got as far as finishing the quilting and the wadding, but then third year work got in the way. I don't have the quilt in with me in Brighton anymore, otherwise I would have posted a photo of it becuase it is amazing! There's bits of old summer dresses, some of my grandad's old shirts, tonnes of cool looking (and a bit dated) 'vintage' floral and geometric fabric, and even a few bits of our old christmas table cloth (which is covered in a holly print). I love it to bits and I'm excited to have it finished. And there's something really nice about it, because my granny started it and I'll finish it, and it's got bits of all of our clothes in it it's the best kind of family heirloom I can think of. Anyway, I decided to start one of my own as well, and one day I might have to give it to a grand daughter to finish off too. Mine has left overs from the other quilt, as well as a lot of fabric I bought over the years. In this particular scan you can see a bit of an embroidered hankerchief that I think belonged to someone on my mum's side of the family, some old shirts, some of our ex curtains and a few bits of my late great grandma's spare bedding. 
I'm also toying with the ides of making something like a quilt out of paper as some sort of mood board for projects or as wall decoration. I started making a paper mock up in my sketchbook the other day (above). 

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