Wednesday, 2 June 2010

I was in the mood to draw some type the other day, and when that failed miserably, I decided to cut some out of patterned paper. I think they look pretty cool. 


I think these are book plates or end pages. I wish people still made things like this. 


I've just bought the second book in the 'Type' series by Taschen. They are the most incredible books, and a new favourite of mine. The best part (apart from the gold printing?) is that each book comes with a code for a website that allows you to download high quality pdfs of most of the images from the books. A dream come true!

What to do...

Now that I'm free to do what I like I find myself doing boring things like cleaning and sorting the recycling, cooking and mending clothes. Perhaps I was always destined for a life of domesticity. I should just pack in this design malarkey and just focus on marrying well.


You've got to love a bit of symmetry. I love all these new penguin books series that have been coming out of late. David Pearson and Phil Baines are my heroes.