Thursday, 28 January 2010

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


I took this in Bryant park in New York in the summer. I have no idea what was going on... was she looking for grooms in the park? Very odd...
This is one of the coolest beer mats ever! The brewery obviously made it, with a red arrow pointing out the brewery. The pub (presumably where the mat was stolen from) has added itself to the map as a bit of promo, and also to show just how local the local beer is!

Postcard book

All the postcards have notes about the trip on the back. Kind of like a lazy travel journal.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Little boy

My brother had his first baby this week. I haven't seen a photo yet (he's very far away - South Africa) but I am very excited to have a little nephew! I have 4 lovely nieces but it's exciting to have a little boy too! 


I found this in the scrap box in screen printing the other day. I know the type is by Isabel, I don't know who the illustration is by but I think they must have been printed over eachother by accident and then thrown away. Happy accident. 


...Mat. Lovely.


These are some gorgeous arabic printers plates. These would have been used to advertise the borders and colours that that particular printer had. They are absolutely stunning! I have some more tucked away somewhere that I'll blog at some point. I'm beginning to get really into typography that's in other alphabets and letterforms that I can't understand. It makes you appreciate the letterform so much more if you can't attach a meaning to it I think. I'm toying with the idea of doing an intensive calligraphy course when I graduate so I'll post some examples of that soon.
Apologies for my lapse in the 'daily' element of this blog. I literally haven't had time. Even after my assessment I will be busy with new projects and my dissertation. It's all non stop!

Sunday, 17 January 2010


I should be sick of the sight of stamps but I'm not. Over xmas I was doing a project to rebrand the Royal Mail, which was driving me insane! I've put it to the bottom of my massive to do list (my mid year assessment is next week and I have a million and one loose ends to tie up and projects to finish). Also, We didn't have post for a week or so because of the snow, so I am starting to get a couple of birthday presents and cards through the post, 2 weeks after my birthday so that's always fun.

more type


Sooo I've been to busy to blog until today when I find myself hungover and having an unproductive day. These are images from a book I got for my birthday called Type: v.1: A Visual History of Typefaces and Graphic Styles by Taschen. It is without doubt one of the most amazing and beautiful books I have ever seen! I will post much much more about it. Literally every page is full of something suitable beautiful and it feels heavy and expensive and fancy (lots of foil blocking - YUM). I will post up some images on my Flickr if anyone can be bothered to take a look.