Friday, 17 April 2009


I am very chuffed with myself today for finding a bargain! A whole box of maps from 1902, 56 in total, all for £10! They were in this flea market and I'd bought a couple last year and framed them, and they were £3 each. But now I guess they were trying to get rid of them so I got the whole box for £10. Unfortunately a lot of them are damaged. I think they originally came from a large atlas because it seems they were all bound together at one point, so a lot of them are torn. But they're still gorgeous. My scanner doesn't do them justice! I'm going to scan the lot and possibly post all the nicer ones. Because they are so old there are lots of countries that don't exist any more, or the borders have changed. I love Persia, and the Chinese Empire. I could stare at them for ages! All the European Maps look so strange with the German Empire and  Austria-Hungary. I have spent all afternoon putting them together and looking at them. 

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